Old St Paul’s

Old St Paul's.

Have to say a big thank you to the wonderful staff at Old St Paul’s and to everyone who came along for the recent lunchtime concert. It truly was a privilege to get to play my music in such a beautiful space.

Old St Paul’s

Pack your lunch and come along and listen amidst the stunning archecture of Old Saint Paul’s here in Wellington. I will be playing a section of solo pieces from my albums ‘Etudes, Old & New’ and ‘Nuevo Dirreción’ plus one or two new pieces.

Gardens Magic

Wellington’s annual Gardens Magic Concert Series 2024 is well under way. Plenty of wonderful music and performers to listen to over the next few weeks and I am pleased to announce I will be supporting the New Zealand String Quartet. Pack a picnic, should be a wonderful evening in the beautiful setting of the Botanic Garden Ki Paekākā.

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