Old St Paul’s

Pack your lunch and come along and listen amidst the stunning archecture of Old Saint Paul’s here in Wellington. I will be playing a section of solo pieces from my albums ‘Etudes, Old & New’ and ‘Nuevo DirreciĆ³n’ plus one or two new pieces.

Miramar’s Best

Plenty to look at and listen to this weekend, what with Cuba Dupa kicking off yesterday, but if you are after something a little more low key, head over to Park Road. We will be playing from 3pm to 5pm.

Cohort Trio

Recent image of The Barry Holt Trio playing at Mount Victoria Bowls Club. A truly idyllic setting on a sunny, early autumn afternoon. Nestled into the side of Mount Vic. It could be a million miles away from anywhere. Big thanks to Nick and Jared for the opportunity.

Double Vision Brewery

Sunday Session – 3pm to 5pm

Wellington Anniversary Weekend.

Date: 22nd January 2023

Venue: 128A Unit E Park Rd, Miramar Wellington.

The Barry Holt Cohort – Live.

Seatoun Clubhouse

Last one of the year. We are pleased to be back at the Clubhouse, an awesome facility for events and live music and very much one of our favourite places to play. Come and along if you are local, and let Kevin pour you a craft beer, or a rare old whiskey even, sit back and relax and enjoy an evening of our original Acoustic British roots folk music.

Seatoun Clubhouse-Poster-17/12/22.